Being Thankful

As I sit here this evening putting together the Easter baskets for my sleeping children, I am reminded of the many blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family.  I’m not one to push my religion onto someone else or to say that  one religion is better than another.  God speaks to us in many ways and can take different forms.  But with all of the headlines in the news lately coming from my state, I keep thinking that it shouldn’t matter what one’s sexuality is or what you believe.  We are ALL created in His image.  God loves each of us and he has told us to love our neighbors. His message doesn’t say to not love them because they think differently than we do or because they were born in a different country than we were.  He said to love them.  Plain and simple as that.

If you know me, you’ll know that I have family and friends that are homosexual.  I also have family of mixed race, which was taboo not even 40 years ago.  As children we were taught to be understanding and to accept people for who they are and what their character says about them, not by their sexuality, race,  or economic standings in the community.  The understood rule in our home was to not judge others, that was God’s job on judgment day.  I’m thankful for these strong bonds I have with my family and friends, of all walks of life.  Life would be boring if we were all cut from the same cookie cutter.  🙂   Embrace the different flavors or life and learn something new everyday and be thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon you.

Happy Easter!  He has risen!


Changes Next Exit

You never know when a turn in the road of life will bring you new friends and an amazing opportunity. December 12, 2014 was just that day for me and my husband, Chris. We were introduced to Genesis PURE and fell in love! We are both business professionals and saw immediately the financial potential. That day we became new Independent Business Owners in Genesis Pure.

We started on products soon after and have seen immediate results! We started dropping pounds the very first week and have continued to do so every week since. By giving our bodies the nutrients they need, we have felt more energized and have completely missed all the winter colds and the flu this year. I have suffered from adult acne since my mid-twenties, and finally after 10 years of searching for a product (I’ve used everything from prescription to over-the-counter to expensive department store brands) that would clear my skin, I no longer have breakouts and have been able to quit wearing foundation and powder. My teenage son is even seeing a reduction in his acne as well!

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Fears & Mistakes

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” –Elbert Hubbard
Like many, I have let fear hold me back from trying something I wanted to do.  I will always wonder and ask myself “What if?” about that decision.  It could have been that I was afraid of failing or making a mistake.  We all have those fears and they are natural.  But to be one of those people who seem to always have the luck and find the opportunities in life, you have to put aside those fears and say “Let’s do this!”  Take a risk every once in a while and stretch out of your comfort zone.  You never know if it will be a mistake or not until you try it first.  The biggest mistake could be never taking the opportunity in the first place…
Remember, fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.